Julie Tay - Hyper-Growth: Pushing To The Max

Julie Tay - Hyper-Growth: Pushing To The Max


'When we look at maximum capacity, we tend to put a number to it, but in my mind, maximum doesn't exist'

Julie Tay, Managing Director and Senior Vice President for Asia-Pacific of Align Technology (best known for Invisalign clear dental aligners) on how maximum is relative to what you are driving, growth beyond numbers and why we need more Asian leaders in top jobs.

In this episode, Julie talks to Dr. Alison Eyring about being at the helm of one of the fastest growing healthcare businesses in Asia -- outperforming by 3 x times a category growing a 16% per annum.

She explains about how maximum becomes relative to what the individual is driving and how maximum capacity makes for a difficult conversation in such a fast-growing category.

Julie talks about growth being more than a number and how she creates a growth mindset at Align Technology.

She also explains why we need to develop more Asian leaders for top jobs and talks about some of the factors that can prevent Asian leaders from making it to the top.

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