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What does it take to lead growth successfully? Organisational psychologist, CEO and endurance athlete Dr. Alison Eyring has spent the last 25 years helping companies solve the people and organisational challenges of growth. She’s worked with all types of CEOs and business leaders across the world but it takes a special type of leader to successfully grow a business. She calls them growth leaders.

They seem to have that magic formula – that edge - that allows them to drive performance results today while transforming their businesses for tomorrow, and still keep people energised. And more importantly, how can you spot the leaders in your organisation that will drive business growth?

Growth Leaders is a new podcast where Alison looks at what it takes to successfully lead business growth, through conversations with some of the world’s best growth leaders.


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Episode 1 

How do you drive tomorrow’s growth when you have no idea what tomorrow’s world will be like? Few industries have been as disrupted by technology like media has in the past decade and it will only continue to change. If disruption is the new normal, then how do you build the capabilities you need to be able to continue to grow. Read More

Episode 2

When you are growing a breakneck speed, how do you make time for developing the next generation of growth leaders? Vladimir Makatsaria talks about how people are at the heart of growth. Read More

Episode 3

Focusing on what really matters is crucial to driving growth. How relentless customer focus helped RedMart become one of Asia’s fastest growing retailers. Read More



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