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What does it take to lead growth successfully? Organisational psychologist, CEO and endurance athlete Dr. Alison Eyring has spent the last 30 years helping companies solve the people and organisational challenges of growth. She’s worked with all types of CEOs and business leaders across the world but it takes a special type of leader to successfully grow a business. She calls them growth leaders.

They seem to have that magic formula – that edge - that allows them to drive performance results today while transforming their businesses for tomorrow, and still keep people energised. And more importantly, how can you spot the leaders in your organisation that will drive business growth?

Growth Leaders is a podcast where Alison looks at what it takes to successfully lead business growth, through conversations with some of the world’s best growth leaders.


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Season 4


Growth Leaders #1 - Leading Innovation with Kevin Mcguigan
Growth Leader Podcast - Kevin

Kevin McGuigan, Vice President & Managing Director, South East Asia Region & Country Leader of Singapore, 3M shares his experiences and tips on leading innovation in one of the world's most innovative companies.

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Growth Leaders #2 -The importance of being market-focused with Grace Ho
Growth Leader Podcast cover Final

Grace Ho, President, SWAT Mobility shares the importance of being market-focused and why businesses should use it to guide their strategy and innovation.

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Growth Leaders #3 - Setting vision and inspiring action with Andrew Sotiropoulos
Growth Leader Podcast #3 - Andrew

Andrew Sotiropoulos, Vice President Asia Pacific/Japan, Pure Storage shares the importance of understanding team diversity, and the role of simple and thoughtful communication.

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Growth Leaders #4 - Creating And Executing A Winning Growth Plan with Benjamin Joe
Growth Leader Podcast #4 - Benjamin Joe

Benjamin Joe, VP of SEA and Emerging Markets, Facebook shares the importance of developing successful growth plans and why companies should have a deprioritise list and only focus on the items that give the most impact to their business.

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Growth Leaders #5 - Developing and Empowering Talent with JY Pook
Growth Leader Podcast #5 - JY Pook

JY Pook, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific and Japan, Tableau shares the importance of using data to develop talent and why everyone in a company should be given access to all the tools and data available so that their day to day decisions won’t be misguided by ambiguity but guided by data.

Listen Now:

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Growth Leaders #6 - Developing a Growth Mindset with Eunice Goh
Growth Leader Podcast #6 - Eunice Goh

Eunice Goh, CEO, SmartUp.Io shares the importance of having a Growth Mindset and how it has helped her and her team thrive in an environment where is there is no playbook for success.

Listen Now:

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Season 3


Growth Leaders #1 - Leading inclusive growth starts with you with Ling Hai

Ling Hai, Co-President, Asia Pacific of Mastercard, shares the importance of how outside in thinking and customer aligned innovation is helping Mastercard drive business growth and innovation. Read More

Growth Leaders #2 - How to leverage technology to hire better with Olivier Legrand

Olivier Legrand, Managing Director and Vice President, Asia Pacific & China of LinkedIn shares his views on the importance of democratising networks and opportunities, and how LinkedIn is enabling companies to hire the right candidates by changing their mindset and getting them to hire based on skills and not job titles. Read More

Growth Leaders #3 - Reinvent yourself to lead growth with Rajeev Menon

Rajeev Menon, President, Asia Pacific (excluding Greater China) of Marriott International, shares his journey of self-reinvention and how he helped his team scale and build their capabilities as their portfolio doubled in size. Read More

Growth Leaders #4 - Leading a risky business pivot with Anna Gong

Anna Gong, CEO & Founder of Perx Technologies, shares the challenges she faced as she pivoted her business from a B2C to a B2B business model in order to meet a need she anticipated in the market. Read More

Growth Leaders #5 - Why having a sustainable business model is important for growth with Hari Krishnan
covers_episodes_2020_05 (1)

Hari Krishnan, CEO of PropertyGuru, shares the importance of building a sustainable business model within an ecosystem by helping partners build capabilities that allow them to be ready for disruption. Read More

Growth Leaders #6 - Why you should leverage technology to grow your business with Gunjan Soni

Gunjan Soni, CEO of ZALORA, shares how technology has evolved with the customer to suit their needs and how businesses can adapt to thrive and succeed in their industry. Read More

Growth Leaders #7 - How to build an entrepreneurial culture in your company with Dennis Mortensen

Dennis Mortensen, Founder and CEO of, shares why society needs to shake the stigma that comes with potential failure in entrepreneurship and how this could lead to more people being willing to take a risk in their careers. Read More

Growth Leaders #8 - How outside-in thinking can disrupt your industry with Dr. Carolyn Lam

Dr. Carolyn Lam, Co-Founder of, shares how outside-in thinking is helping her disrupt her industry and democratise echocardiography. Read More

Growth Leaders #9 - Leading change in a traditional environment with Arrif Ziaudeen

Arrif Ziaudeen, CEO and Founder of Chope, shares how companies can use technology to grow their value proposition by understanding the needs of their customers, and offering them customisable and scalable solutions. Read More

Season 2


Growth Leaders #1 - Why you need focus to drive disruption with Rosaline Chow Koo

Rosaline Chow Koo, Founder and Group CEO of CXA Group, shares how she has focused on customer needs and involved her entire ecosystem to disrupt the healthcare industry in Asia and achieve growth. Rosaline talks to growth expert, Dr. Alison Eyring, about applying outside-in thinking and having courage to be a disruptor. Read More

Growth Leaders #2 - Influence matters: Lessons from a hyper-growth leader with Dan Neary

Dan Neary, Vice President of Asia-Pacific at Facebook, shares what he has learnt at the helm of some of Asia’s fastest growing businesses. Dan talks to growth expert, Dr. Alison Eyring, about the value of influence over control when scaling your team to support hyper-growth. Read More

Growth Leaders #3 - Leading the wave of smarter shopping with Joel Leong

Joel Leong, Co-founder of ShopBack, shares his experience of leveraging partnerships to create a unique business model and rapidly diversifying across APAC markets. Read More

Growth Leaders #4 - Going the distance: Leadership insights from an Olympic coach with Troy Engle

Troy Engle, Head of Academies and Clubs at Sport Singapore, shares his learnings about leadership and development based on his experience coaching elite athletes. Read More

Growth Leaders #5 - How to engage a multi-generation workforce with Wilf Blackburn

Wilf Blackburn, CEO of Prudential Assurance Company Singapore, shares his insight on transforming the workplace to become future-fit while maintaining the organisation’s legacy. Read More

Growth Leaders #6 - How to navigate complexity and build capacity for growth with Maya Hari

Maya Hari, Vice President Asia-Pacific at Twitter, shares her insight on achieving rapid growth within leading-edge tech companies in Asia. Read More


Season 1


Growth Leaders #1 - There is no playbook for the future with Parry Singh

How do you drive tomorrow’s growth when you have no idea what tomorrow’s world will be like? Few industries have been as disrupted by technology like media has in the past decade and it will only continue to change. If disruption is the new normal, then how do you build the capabilities you need to be able to continue to grow. Read More

Growth Leaders #2 - Never compromise on people with Vladimir Makatsaria

When you are growing a breakneck speed, how do you make time for developing the next generation of growth leaders? Vladimir Makatsaria talks about how people are at the heart of growth. Read More

Growth Leaders #3 - The disciplined pursuit of less with Vikram Rupani

Focusing on what really matters is crucial to driving growth. How relentless customer focus helped RedMart become one of Asia’s fastest growing retailers. Read More

Growth Leaders #4 - The Growth Mindset with Julian Persaud

How do you keep a growth mindset? Self-professed 46 year old millenial Julian Persaud of AirBnB on how he retains a hunger to grow and why he surrounds himself with lifelong learners. Read More 

Growth Leaders #5 - Scaling Products & People with Joachim Ackermann

How do you scale up an idea for mega growth? Google’s Joachim Ackermann talks about he manages a growth portfolio so he can seed lots of different products and then scale the ones that can grow fast. Read More 

Growth Leaders #6 - Why Do We Still Have So Many Incompetent Male Leaders? with Dr. Tomas Chamorro Premuzic

Alison talks to Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic about his new book, ‘Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?: (And How To Fix It)’ Read More 

Growth Leaders #7 - Hyper-growth: pushing to the max with Julie Tay

How do you push a business as fast and far as it can grow? Julie Tay of Align Technology on maximum as a relative concept, growth beyond numbers and why we need more Asian leaders in top jobs. Read More 


Growth Leaders #8 - How to run a start-up in a 100+ year old company

Mark Gainsborough talks to Dr. Alison Eyring about balancing resourcing and investment capability with a start-up mentality. And why having an external market view, working customer-back and maintaining exposure to high-growth markets helps you strike the right growth ambitions. Read More 



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