Leadership Team Performance

Leadership Team Performance

In an increasingly dynamic world, leadership teams need to scale to perform better than they have in the past. They need to work cohesively, take greater ownership, collaborate more across the organisation, and set direction for others. However, team effectiveness is threatened when:

  • A new leader transitions into the team
  • The team has undergone significant change or transformation
  • Team members are not aligned
  • Team dynamics get in the way of collaboration

Our solutions maximise leadership team performance and build their future capacity so they can drive business growth.

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53% Greater Commitment

High scoring teams on our 4P Team Alignment survey are 53% more committed


28% Greater Engagement

High scoring teams on our 4P Team Alignment survey are 28% more engaged


25% More Successful

Teams implementing good processes are 25% more likely to succeed


5% Greater Revenue

Highly collaborative organisations have 5% greater revenue


Our Leadership Team FAST Start workshop helps teams that need to:​  ​

  • ​Quickly transition a new leader into a team​ 
  • Kick off a newly-formed team​ 
  • Restart the team after going through significant business change or transformation​ 

The FAST Start diagnostics and workshop helps teams quickly understand their stakeholders' needs, align around a common purpose and priorities, and define how they operate going forward. The workshop can be followed-up with leadership team coaching and be scaled across the organisation. 


Our Team Alignment workshop helps your leadership team quickly understand and improve alignment so that they can: ​

  • Improve performance​
  • Increase their capacity to collaborate within and beyond the team​
  • Increase commitment and motivation​

Our pre-workshop Team Alignment Survey provides quick insights into four elements of team alignment and benchmarks your team against other leadership teams. The team quickly identifies how it can improve alignment and transition into an empowered, high-performing team. The workshop can be followed with team coaching or with scalable solutions that ensure other teams in the organisation are aligned to perform.


Our Growth Leadership Team Building workshop uses the Growth Leader Assessment to:

  • Build team member understanding of each other’s personality styles, strengths, and growth capabilities​ 
  • ​Solve collaboration and team dynamic issues​ 
  • Address team risks and capability gaps

Leaders use the Growth Leader Assessment Team Report to understand their own capabilities and how these impact team dynamics. The team identifies practices to improve collaboration and decision-making to overcome risks and capability gaps. The workshop can be followed with Growth Leader Personal Training for individual leaders and/or with team coaching.


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