Growth Leader Assessment

Growth Leader Assessment

Our Growth Leader Assessment services help you select, promote and develop leaders that will fuel your future growth.
You can:
  • Compare leaders against a Growth Leader Model and Benchmark
  • Select and develop leaders with potential to grow your business
  • Help leaders practice Intelligent Restraint through our Pacing for Growth 360°

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Growth Profile

  • Measures growth capabilities
  • Differentiates high growth leaders

Benchmark Data

  • Compares to benchmark
  • Identifies potential

Select & Develop

  • Selects & promotes the best
  • Gives leaders better insight

Bespoke Solution

  • Integrated with your competencies
  • Custom reports

How Different?

Select Companies with great assessment processes are 2 times more likely to hire great leaders
  • But most large companies (69%) don’t use assessments when hiring!
The Growth Leader Assessment ensures you:
  • Hire the best leaders
  • That have the capabilities to grow your company
  • Can grow and scale leaders into bigger jobs in future
Identify Potential Most companies fail to answer a key question: Potential for What?
  • They may not use the right tools to measure the right areas to identify the right talent
  • This results in changing potential calls and wasted resources
The Growth Leader Assessment:
  • Focuses on capabilities that differentiate great vs. average growth leaders
  • Benchmarks your leaders and their readiness for next level jobs
  • Uses well- researched tools you can trust

Leaders gain deep insight into their strengths and opportunities

Robust reports and feedback results in an experience-rich development plan



Our Growth Leader Assessment measures 11 capabilities that differentiate high vs. average growth leaders. It is based on global research and practice.

About Growth Model

Based on global research and practice, the Growth Leader model identifies 11 capabilities that describe the potential and capabilities leaders need to successfully drive business growth.

The Growth Leader Assessment is based on the following framework:

Assessment - growth leader assessment tabAssessment - growth leader assessment tab

We provide bespoke assessments of current performance and future leadership potential. Contact us for more information.


  • We wanted a partner that has high standards and integrity in assessment as well as one that is flexible in the assessments they use. Organisation Solutions fit all these criteria.

    HR Leader, Fortune 500 Technology firm

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