Personal Training (Updated)

Personal Training (Updated)

Leaders need more than just performance coaching to succeed in today’s increasingly dynamic world. To be successful, executives must grow themselves, their teams and their organisations. They need Excelerated coaching for growth.

Our Leader Excelerator Personal Training (LEPT) coaching builds the capabilities that leaders, teams and organisations need to get to the next level, and ultimately succeed. LEPT combines proven development methods with cutting-edge thinking to:
  • Grow and scale leaders into larger roles by building the new capabilities they need
  • Enable leaders to both drive today’s performance and transform their organisations for tomorrow
  • Flex their leadership style to greater inspire, energize and impact their organisations and networks
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47% improvement

  • Leaders experience 47% improvement in capabilities (average pre- and post-ratings)

8x Success

  • Leaders are 8 times more likely to be successful when transitioning into a new company

Increased Potential

  • Leaders learn to work around derailers and build successful mindsets

Accelerated Development

  • Accelerate development areas that are important to both the company and the leader

How Different?

LEPT Is more than just coaching
  • Our coaches don’t just ask questions and help leaders reflect. They also:
    • Provide expert advice and practical suggestions to stimulate leader thinking
    • Act as a real-world sounding boards and give constructive feedback
  • We use on-the-job projects and real work to help leaders get results and develop
  • We combine our deep knowledge and experience with best practices, tools and knowledge to develop leader skills
  • We engage managers and key stakeholders to help leaders achieve their ideal 100% goals
    • We measure results with pre- and post-assessments
Our elite coaches have the right experience
  • Leadership. Our coaches have had significant leadership roles in MNCs and know the challenges leaders face
  • Accredited.All our coaches are either accredited or hold advanced degrees and training
  • Carefully Selected. Our coaches are hand-picked and expertly trained to ensure they can maximise development
  • Global. Our Coaches are located across six continents and have worked across cultures so they understand how to use an array of models to help leaders working in cross-cultural contexts


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