Build Your Culture for Growth

Build Your Culture for Growth

Every company has its own unique culture, but some cultures are better at enabling performance and growth than others. Companies with a growth mindset, market orientation, and innovative culture outperform their industry counterparts. Too often, leaders have difficulty describing and building the culture they need for growth and transformation.

Our Growth Culture survey measures seven facets of culture proven to drive company growth and engage employees. Our implementation resources help companies quickly translate insights from the survey into high impact action for growth and transformation.

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  • Measures best predictors of growth. Measures 7 facets of culture, each of which predicts growth and the ability of the organisation to adapt and change​
  • Designed to be flexible. Cultural elements were designed to be flexible and meet the needs of start-ups, scale-ups, and more established companies looking to transform
  • Builds collective energy. Identifies what drives employees and builds the collective energy needed to achieve your strategy​
  • Helps leaders promote and shape a growth culture. Analytics help leaders easily review data and identify actions that will shape a growth culture

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