4 Factors That Get Coaching Results

4 Factors That Get Coaching Results



By Dr. James Eyring, Chief Operating Officer, Organisation Solutions



The executive coaching industry is worth over $2 billion. It has grown rapidly over the past decade and there are estimated to be more than 47,000 coaches out there. However, not all coaches are created equal; the industry is unregulated and has many quality issues.


A survey of coaching-related research from across industries and continents revealed that there are 4 factors that determine coaching success. Before you choose your next executive coach, ask these four questions.


  1. Is the leader committed? Leaders that are open to new ideas and reflection, believe that change is possible and are willing to experiment with new behaviours and tool get better outcomes from coaching.

  2. Can the coach develop trusted relationships? Coaches that have experience in leadership roles are better equipped to understand the demands and environment of leaders. At the same time experienced and accredited coaches get better results.

  3. Is the environment supportive? Coaching programs that build in management support, feedback and follow up positively impact coaching outcomes as do opportunities for leaders to use the new skills on-the-job.

  4. What techniques does the coach use? Technique matters, most coaches simply ask questions, review assessment results and on- the actions. But research tells us that advice and suggestions, the coach being a sounding board and the right tools & knowledge to increase positive coaching outcomes.


Learn more about the coaching industry and what makes coaching work in this White Paper or visit our coaching services page.



Dr. James Eyring
is the Chief Operating Officer of Organisation Solutions and leads the global consulting practice. In addition, he specialises in leadership and talent management and works with companies and executives to build capabilities they need to fuel future growth. As part of his role, he provides coaching to global and top regional leaders. Contact James



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