Using 360s To Drive Change & Development

Using 360s To Drive Change & Development

The Challenge

As they expanded globally, a Japanese optical company made some significant organisation changes. They moved their headquarters outside Japan and implemented a matrix structure to drive common core processes and tools across the globe.

They wanted a 360 that would help the organisation structure succeed whilst also developing leaders. We partnered with them to design a custom 360 and follow-up development interventions to build capabilities.


Our client had never conducted a 360 for any of their leaders and wanted this first 360 to deliver two key results:

  • Deliver feedback to leaders to help them better operate in the matrix structure
  • Develop their leaders

Because of their inexperience in 360s, they wanted to engage employees prior to administration to ensure:

  • A high response rate
  • Honest and objective feedback
  • Differentiated ratings

We used our 100% methodology to ensure they achieved their results.


90% response rate throughout the business


Differentiated ratings, ranging from 50 to 90% on a 100% scale


Significant amount of comments and advice to leaders on how they can improve


  • Define Focus Areas.

    Diagnostic interviews were conducted with senior leaders to define the key dimensions for the 360. These included areas such as Deliver Growth, Drive Collaboration, and Develop Others. Our 100% methodology was used to define outcomes for each area and to anchor the scales to ensure ratings had consistency across leaders.
  • Engage and Prepare the Organisation.

    We engaged with employees to explain the purpose and use of a 360. Materials were made available in English and Japanese.
  • Run Development Sessions for Senior Leaders.

    After the 360 was administered, leaders participated in workshops to understand the 360 survey and to learn new methods of leading in the matrix.

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