Transforming The Workplace

Transforming The Workplace

The Challenge

The world of work is changing. Technology enables people to work from anywhere at any time. Work requires employees to innovate and collaborate more than ever.

Many companies are taking advantage of this by eliminating individual office space and going to open, unassigned seating. Our client planned to transform their office, provide more collaborative space, and showcase their technology for customers.

However, employees and managers needed to behave differently in order to realize the benefits of the change. Without this change, they would not realise their goals.


The change process was intended to link the workplace transformation with business goals and to engage employees to make the change a success.

Change metrics included:

  • Increased use of collaboration space
  • Change of manager behaviours (managing change with employees, giving more flexibility)
  • Improved pride in space (81% improvement)
  • Successful integration of two disparate business units into one office

Business metrics were measured pre-and post-move and included measures of collaboration, innovation, and technology use. All measures increased > 40%


54% improvement in collaboration; much higher cross-group collaboration


Managers actively changed how they managed teams in new space


47% increase in workplace flexibility


The change effort kicked off prior to the announcement that the office would move into a new space and lasted a year.

Our solution combined elements of our:

  • Change services such as engagement methodologies and 100% definitions
  • Team services, including methods to improve collaboration
  • Leader development modules, including how to lead and engage teams in dispersed environments

To start, senior leaders were engaged in diagnostic interviews to define business goals for the project. This became the basis for pre- and post-project surveys as well as the foundation for management training.

An array of change tools were used including large group engagements, communications, training, and facilitated discussions.

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