Personal Training: Scaling To Grow

Personal Training: Scaling To Grow

The Challenge

The regional CFO wanted to move into a line leader position in a hospitality company.  However, his focus as a CFO had been very much around finance and performance reporting.  His peers did not see him as an ‘operator’ and his regional boss did not see him as someone who could lead and drive change.

His CEO decided to support him with coaching and with projects to stretch his skills.  Specifically, he wanted the leader to:

  • Think and act more strategically about the business
  • Become more customer and market focused
  • Better build high performing teams and manage poor performers
  • Influence and impact other’s thinking within the organisation and with their business partners


The CFO started by managing strategic and operational projects in the region to increase his knowledge and impact. He focused on improving his capabilities and his efforts and impact were recognized.


Promoted to lead largest country in region within first year and promoted to lead region following this.


Successfully delivered new operational platform with buy-in internally as well as from business partners.


Successfully delivered strategy for emerging markets.


The maximise development, he focused initially on creating an operational platform for the region, a strategy for emerging markets and managing his team for performance.

Coaching supported this by helping him take an external and strategic view to each project.  As the projects progressed, focus shifted to managing change, influencing his peers and having greater impact in selling the solutions.

By the time he reached the halfway mark, he had made significant improvement in these areas and focus was shifted to his team’s performance.  This was well underway when he was promoted to his first line role.

Coaching was extended at that time to help him on-board in a new country role and extended again when he was promoted to lead the region.

Other Services Provided to Clients

4P Team Alignment

Align teams to improve performance.

Team Excellence

Create a high-performing team.

Team Performance

Create high-performing teams.

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