Personal Training: Leading Organisation Design

Personal Training: Leading Organisation Design

The Challenge

He was new to the BU, and the BU was in trouble. The team was experiencing a number of performance issues including cross-functional conflict, sub-optimised margins, and a slow customer response time due to its functional structure. The silo structure resulted in conflict that impacted even the leadership team.

A high potential employee was selected to lead a project to redesign the organisation and resolve these problems. He was new to Marketing and had his own development challenges.

To succeed, he had to demonstrate:

  • Command Skills (influencing executives)
  • Executive Maturity (keeping own passion under control)
  • Leading Sustainable Change


The high potential project manager successfully led others to deliver a new organisation design and improved his own skills in the process.


After a rocky start with the team, LEPT support helped him improve his capabilities scores from an average of 67% to 82% at the end of the project.


Leader was promoted to marketing manager based on team leadership demonstrated and then promoted again to a VP role within 2 years.


The organisation improved customer response time, increase sales, and lowered supply chain costs. Their employee engagement scores went from worst in the division to best in class.




To maximise development, LEPT coaching focused on the organisation re-design project. This included a focus on leading the project team, engaging stakeholders, and key project reviews.

LEPT coaching was used to plan for and reflect on interactions with stakeholders and events. This encouraged personal insight into how to flex his own leadership style.

LEPT tools were used to encourage learning. Tools included information on leading change and change strategies as well as tools and advice on influencing senior leaders and leading the team.

Coaching continued throughout the project and continued as the leader transitioned into new roles.

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