Personal Training: CIO Transformation

Personal Training: CIO Transformation

The Challenge

The CIO was under siege. She was asked to take costs out of the system, which required a re-organisation and process changes to manage IT differently. At the same time, a few key projects were delayed, resulting in client dissatisfaction. The business blamed IT for its problems, and IT staff at all levels were criticised.

To manage this, the CIO had to:

  • Better align stakeholders to the new IT strategy
  • Build staff capability to manage problems and improve delivery
  • Improve IT performance


The CIO worked on her own capabilities in leading and managing others while also driving change in the organisation. She experienced significant improvements


Improved delivery of IT projects by 3x in one year and gained significant efficiency in managing IT releases.


Stakeholder input went from “noise” to positive engagement. Stakeholder understanding of how projects are prioritized and delivered improved.


Transformed the IT organisation with new senior level hires with more technical and business experience and reallocation of team members to new roles.




To maximise development, LEPT coaching focused on stakeholder management and team capabilities and morale. This included helping the CIO redefine her role as CIO, focusing more on the business and less on operational execution within IT.

Leader Excelerator Personal Training coaching was used to: plan for and reflect on interactions with stakeholders, determine how to make decisions as an IT function, and identify how to improve capability on the team.

Personal insight was encouraged and practical hands-on solutions were identified to improve skills and change perceptions of IT.

Executive coaching continued over the course of a 16-month period to ensure capabilities were gained and the leader was supported throughout the transformation process.

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