Leading To Win and Team Services: Driving Functional Excellence

Leading To Win and Team Services: Driving Functional Excellence

The Challenge

A Fortune 500 MNC was scaling itself for growth and made a series of changes to support this. The Finance and Operations leadership teams knew they needed to better support the commercial functions and scale up their own capabilities.

To do this, they decided to embark on a drive to improve functional excellence and partnering with the business. However, they did not have a framework for defining functional excellence and did not have clear direction for how to drive it.

They needed a solution that would both help the leadership team perform and improve individual leader capabilities. They asked us to define functional excellence and help them drive this over a 12-month period.


We combined aspects of our Leading to Win programme with our Team service offering to help the organisation achieve its goals.

While going through the programme, leaders executed on-the-job projects to drive functional excellence down into the organisation. Every department had efficiency or process improvement projects underway.

The leadership teams identified how they wanted to operate and which priorities to focus on so that they could drive team performance.

Finally, leaders worked to improve their own capabilities in engaging their team members, empowering them, and building an effective team.


Improved engagement scores on teams to "best in company".


Dramatic leader capability rating improvements in four targeted skill areas.


Aligned finance leadership team on purpose and priorities after reorganisation.


We started by defining an overall framework for functional excellence and what this meant for the organisation. The plan and priorities for each team were refined through a series of diagnostic interviews. This allowed us to leverage some material across both groups but provide each group a bespoke experience.

Our Leading to Win programme provided the core modules that leaders received in workshops. Individual coaching and action learning supported this so that leaders could turn learning into practice.

The leadership teams used aspects of our Team (re)Purpose, Team Alignment, and High Performing Teams tools to help set priorities and actions to improve team performance.

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