American Express: SLP Coaching For Growth Projects

American Express: SLP Coaching For Growth Projects

The Challenge

American Express wanted to achieve multiple goals by having high potentials deliver action learning projects:

  • Enabling leaders to get to know the talent outside of their business
  • Create opportunities to move talent
  • Engage, retain, and develop talent
  • Drive business growth AND develop talent at the same time

They wanted to partner with an external firm that had a proven methodology that provided the structure and formality needed to drive successful projects.


Project teams of high potential talent were assigned to an initial set of three Strategic Learning Projects.

The projects delivered real growth benefits to the business. In addition, HR met its objectives in designing the programme, including:

  • Increasing visibility/exposure
  • Familiarising the leadership team with talent
  • Moving and engaging high potentials

50% of project members were promoted or laterally moved across a line of business


All growth projects delivered and met business expectations


Team members increased their exposure and visibility


  • Start by defining the need for the project, defining the WHY for selection of a particular project. This selection should be supported by sponsorship and commitment from the leadership team.
  • The task should have real achievement potential, striking a balance between challenge and achievability. Clearly define the scope and desired outcomes.
  • Use a clear methodology and toolbox (such as our 4D process) to equip leaders with the tools they need to deliver.


American Express decided to use our Strategic Learning Project solution to support their teams. This allowed them to help drive the projects forward while developing talent.

Our SLP methodology equips teams with a toolbox and process for project delivery. A coach guides the team and sponsor through our 4D process to collect the right data and make key decisions along the way.

Regular coaching support also helps the team connect with stakeholders, resolves team performance issues, and helps individual leaders gain insight and learning throughout the programme.

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