About Us

About Us

Organisation Solutions was founded with the purpose of helping companies grow and manage the many challenges of growth. We started in 2000 by providing highly bespoke organisation development and change management services around growth.

Early on, our clients asked us to expand our solutions. They wanted us to build leader capability so that they could scale for growth and they wanted us to help their teams perform at higher levels and collaborate more across the enterprise.

Over the years, we’ve built a unique set of capabilities and tools to help grow organisations, teams and leaders. Our consultants now work on 6 continents helping large multinational corporations address the challenges of growth.


  • Enable Clients To Perform And Transform

    We work with companies at all stages of growth to help them build the strategies and capabilities they need to execute today as they transform their business for the future.

  • Build World-Class Products And Services

    Since our founding, we co-created innovative solutions with clients, and we measure outcomes to ensure they have impact. We design solutions that work in both emerging and developed markets.

  • Committed To Evidence-Based Practice

    We are committed to facts, not fads. Our solutions are based on research and our innovations are measured to ensure they get results. We won’t sell you what you don’t need and won’t sell you a solution that won’t work.


Our Fast Facts

Founded in Asia; Focused on Building Capacity for Growth Globally

2000Established Date
150+ Executive & Leadership Coaches

Our Values

Global agreement

Trusted Professionals

We are thought leaders and the solutions we recommend and deliver are tailored for each client. We never push what's not needed. We design and deliver interventions based on what evidence shows is most likely to succeed.

Care for Our Clients' Success

We want our clients and each stakeholder to succeed. We give feedback even if it's difficult or risky - and always with good intent. We drive down the total cost of interventions and give our clients options to use our IP in different ways.


Fun to Work With

We have fun and enjoy what we do. We make it comfortable to talk openly. We engage clients meaningfully in our design process so that they can learn and have fun along the way.

Global Presence

35 cities and 6 continents

A global consultancy headquartered in Singapore. We serve clients from around the world.

Please get in touch with us at mail@organisationsolutions.com or
+65 6557 0914.

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